Class 9 English Poem Chapter 5 A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

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Text Book Question Answer

Thinking about the Poem:

1.”A slumber did my spirit seal”, says the poet. That is, a deep sleep ‘closed off his soul (or mind). How does the poet react to his loved one’s death? Does he feel bitter grief? Or does he feel a great peace?

Ans: The poet feels great peace of mind. It sounds strange because a lover normally feels disturbed at the death of his beloved. But Wordsworth has reconciled himself with the situation that is inevitable. His satisfaction is that in his mind, in his memory, his beloved will remain forever young as after her death she could no more be touched by the years counted in earth.

2. The passing of time will no longer affect her says the poet. Which lines of the poem say this?

Ans: The following lines of the poem say this:

“She seemed a thing that could not feel The touch of earthly years.”

3. How does the poet imagine her to be, after death? Does he think of her as a person in a very happy state (heaven)? Or does he see her now as a part of nature? In which lines of the poem do you find your answer?

Ans: After her death, the poet imagines his beloved as a part of Nature. No, he does not think her to be in heaven. Yes, he sees her as a part of nature. The following lines justify my answer:

No motion has she now, no force-

She neither hears nor sees.

Rolled round in earth’s durnal course

With rocks and stones and trees.

Additional Questions and Answers

Q.1. What did seal the spirit of the poet?

Ans: A slumber sealed the spirit of the poet.

Q.2. Why did the poet have no human fears?

Ans: The poet had no human fears because his beloved had died causing to him the worst loss.

Q.3. ”No motion has she now, no force -“Who is the ‘she’ here? Why does she have no motion’, ‘no force’?

Ans: The ‘she’ here is the pote’s beloved women (Lucy). She has no motion and no force because she had died.

Q.4. “What has happened to the poet’s beloved woman after her death? Or, How does the poet’s beloved become a part of Nature? Or, Give a brief description of the poet’s beloved after her death.

Ans: After her death, the poet’s beloved has become a part of Nature. She was engraved and since then she began to roll round in earth’s durnal motion as the rocks and stone and trees roll round.

Q.5. Who is the poet of the poem “A Slumber did my Spirit Seal?

Ans: William Wordsworth is the poet.

Q.6. Why can no physical object touch her?

Ans: She had died and so no physical object can touch her.


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