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Welcome to our blog on Class 12 English Chapter 2, “Lost Spring”! In this post, we will be discussing the short questions from this poignant chapter written by the renowned Afghan-British author, Amir Khusrau.

Through the short questions in this chapter, we will explore the themes of war, loss, and resilience as they are depicted in the narrative. We will also delve into the symbolism and characterization in the story, as well as the impact of the political and social context on the characters.

Get ready to dive into the depths of “Lost Spring” and gain a deeper understanding of this moving chapter.

Class 12 English Chapter 2 Lost Spring Short Question Answers

1.Who is the author of “Lost Spring?

Ans: Anees Jung is the author of “Lost Spring”.

2) what is “Last spring” about?

Ans: ” Lost “spring” about the grinding proveretty and traditions which condemn
a to these children life of exploitation.

3) What is the original book from which this po presse prece is encerpt?

Ans: The original book from which this po preose piece is exerept from is “Lost spring stories of Stolen A Ched Childhood.

4) Who is Saheb ?

Ans: Saheb was a ragpicker who lives in Seemapuri who migrated from Bangladesh .

5) Whom does the author encounter everyday in the street?

Ans: The author encounter Saheb everyday in the street.

6) What does Saheb do everyday ?

Ans: Saheb scrounging for gold in the garbage dumps of his neighborhood .

7) Where is the original home of Saheb ?

Ans:The original home of Saheb was in the amidst of the green fields of Dhaka .

8) Why have Saheb and his family migrated to Seemapuri ?

Ans: There weremany storms and diserts that swept their fields and homes .

9) What does Saheb look for in the garbage dumps ?

Ans: Saheb looks for gold in the garbage dumps .(Gold means shelter or foods, etc.)

10) What is Saheb’s full name ?

Ans: Saheb’s full name was ”Saheb-e-Alom”.

11) What is the meaning of Saheb’s full name ?

Ans: The meaning of Saheb’s full name was ”Lord of the Universe” .

12)Whom did Saheb observe standing at the fenced gate of the neighborhood club ?

Ans: Saheb observed two young man dressed in white , playing tennis .

13) What was Saheb wearing when he was at the gate of the club ?

Ans: Saheb wearing a tennis shoes that look strange over his discoloured shirt and shorts .

14) Where is Seemapuri ?

Ans: Seemapuri is a place on the periphery of Delhi yet miles away from it , metaphorically .

15) Who is Mukesh ?

Ans: Mukesh was a motor mechanic .

16) Where does Mukesh live ?

Ans: He lives in Firozabad .

17) What is Mukesh’s dream ?

Ans: Mukesh’s dream is to drive a car .

18) Who is Savita ?

Ans: Savita is a young girl of Firozabad who works in the Bangles factory .

19) Why is Mukesh proud to take the author to his home ?

Ans: Mukesh proud to show the famous Bangles factory in Firozabad to the author .

20) Who is IN charge of Mukesh’s household?

Ans: A frail young women who is the wife of his elder brother .

Other Important Questions:

1.What is Saheb looking for in the garbage dumps? Where is he and where has he come from?

2.What explanations does the author offer for the children not wearing footwear?

3.Is Saheb happy working at the tea-stall? Explain.

4.What makes the city of Firozabad famous?

5. Mention the hazards of working in the glass bangles industry.

6. How is Mukesh’s attitude to his situation different from that of his family?

7.What could be some of the reasons for the migration of people from villages to cities?

8. Would you agree that promises made to poor children are rarely kept? Why do you think this happens in the incidents narrated in the text?

9. What forces conspire to keep the workers in the bangle industry of Firozabad in poverty?

10.How, in your opinion, can Mukesh realise his dream?

11. Mention the hazards of working in the glass bangles industry.

12. Why should child labour be eliminated and how?

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