Class 10 It/Ites (NSQF) Question Answer SEBA

Book: Employability Skill

Unit 1: Communication SkillSession 1: Methods of Communication
Session 2: Verbal Communication Click here
Session 3: Non-Verbal Communication Click here
Session 4: Communication Cycle and
Importance of Feedback
Session 5: Barriers to Effective Communication
Session 6: Writing Skills — Parts of Speech
Session 7: Writing Skills — Sentences
Unit 2: Self‑management SkillsSession 1: Stress Management
Session 2: Self‑awareness — Strength
and Weakness Analysis
Session 3: Self‑motivation
Session 4: Self‑regulation — Goal
Session 5: Self‑regulation — Time
Unit 3: Information and Communication
Technology Skills
Session 1: Basic Computer Operations Click here
Session 2: Performing Basic File Operations
Session 3: Computer Care and Maintenance
Session 4: Computer Security and Privacy
Unit 4: Entrepreneurial SkillsSession 1: Entrepreneurship and Society
Session 2: Qualities and Functions of an Entrepreneur
Session 3: Myths about Entrepreneurship
Session 4: Entrepreneurship as a Career Option
Unit 5: Green SkillsSession 1: Sustainable Development
Session 2: Our Role in Sustainable Development

Book 2: Domestic Data Entry Operator

Unit 1: Digital Documentation (Advanced)Chapter 1: Introduction to Styles
Chapter 2: Advanced Features of Writer
Unit 2: Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)Chapter 3: Analyze data using scenarios and goal seek
Chapter 4: Using Macros in Spreadsheet
Chapter 5: Linking Spreadsheet data
Chapter 6: Share and Review a Spreadsheet
Unit 3: Database Management SystemChapter 7: Introduction to Database Management System
Chapter 8: Starting with Libre Office Base Click here
Chapter 9: Working with Multiple Tables Click here
Chapter 10: Queries in Base Click here
Chapter 11: Forms and Reports
Unit 4: Maintain Healthy, Safe and Secure WorkingChapter 12: IT Work Environment
Chapter 13: Workplace Health, Safety, and Hazards
Chapter 14: Prevent Accidents and Emergencies

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