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Question and Answers:

A. Multiple Choice questions (MCQ) and answers:

Q. 1. “Bill seemed to____Lutkins’ talent for dishonesty.

(a) disapprovel

(b) detest

(c) hate

(d) admire

Ans: (d)

Q. 2. There was only one sight that’s were pleasant. What was it?

(a) delivery man

(b) the waiter

(c) shopkeepers

(d) None of the above

Ans: (a)

Q.3. Oliver Lutkin was other name of____

(a) Gustaff

(b) Fritz

(c) Bill

(d) Gray

Ans: (b)

Q. 5. What was Bill’s real Name?

(a) Fritz

(b) Oliver Lutkins

(c) the narrator

(d) Haugs

Ans: (b)

Q. 6._____was palying a role of Hack Driver.

(a) Fritz

(b) Mill

(c) Oliver Lutkins

(d) Gray

Ans: (c)

Q. 7. The hack driver was very________to the narrator.

(a) friendly (b) Arrogant (c) Aggressive (d) cold

Ans: (a)

Q. 8. The real job of narrator was to serve______.

(a) summons

(b) fight cases

(c) prepare legal briefs

(d) all of the above

Ans: (a)

Q.9. After taking the food where they went for the lunch________.

(a) Wade’s hill

(b) Bill’s home

(c) Griffin’s home

(d) Oliver’s mother’s farm

Ans: (a)

Q.10. After completing his graduation, the author get a job of

(a) Doctor

(b) lawyer

(c) Engineer

(d) junior assistant clerk

Ans: (d)

B. Very short answer type questions and answers:

Q.1. What was Bill’s real Name?

Ans: Oliver Lutkins was Bill’s real Name.

Q.2. What type of man was the hack driver?

Ans: The hack driver was a friendly man.

Q.3. Who was the author of The Hack driver?

Ans: Sinclair Lewis was the author of The Hack driver.

Q.4. I even considered fleeing to my hometown, where I could have been a real lawyer right away, without going through this unpleasant training period.

(a). Who was ‘I’ ?

Ans: ‘I’ was narrator, Junior Assitant Clerk.

(b) How did T suffer during the training period?

Ans: During his training period, he was sent to the dirty and shadowy comers of the city to serve summons.

(c) What do the word, ‘fleeing’ mean?

Ans: ‘fleeing’ means ‘running away’.

(d) Which word is the antonym of happy in the passage?

Ans: Unpleasant is the antonym of happy in the passage.

Q.6. What does Bill say about Lutkin’s mother?

Ans: The hack driver told the young lawyer that Lutkin’s mother was quite a terror. She was nine feet tall and four feet thick. She had the ability of a cat and could talk a lot.

Q.7. What did the author do after his graduation?

Ans: He started working with a famous law firm in the city as a junior assistant clerk.

Q.8. When did Oliver Lutkins live?

Ans: Oliver Lutkins lived in a small town named New Mullion.

Q.9. What duty was assigned to the author by the law firm?

Ans: The duty assigned to the author by the law firm was to serve summons on different people in the city.

Q.10. Why did the author rejoice one day?

Ans: The author rejoiced one day because his law firm sent him fort miles in the country to a town called new Mullion.

Q.11. Why was the author sent to New Mullion?

Ans: He was sent to New Mullion to serve Summons on a man called Oliver Lutkins.

C. Long answer type questions and answers :

Q. 1. What does the young lawyer say about his life during the training period? Why was he sent to New Mullion? What does he first think about the place? [HSLC 2017]

Ans: The young lawyer had graduated with honours. Then he became a junior assistant clerk in a magnificent law firm. He was not sent to prepare legal briefs, but to serve summons. His duty was like that of a private detective’s. He had to go to the bad areas of the city seeking his victims. Sometimes he was even beaten up. He hated that sort of work and the side of city life revealed to him. Being timed with such life he even thought of fleeing to his home town where he could have been a real lawyer without training.

One day he was sent to New Mullion to serve a summon on a man Oliver Lutkins, who was needed as a witness in a law case. Before coming to New Mullion the young lawyer had expected it to be an ideal place. But on reaching there he felt disappointed. Its roads were rivers of mud. The shops were wooden. Some of them were pointed in odd colours and some had no coat of paint. The only agreeable person was the delivery man with dirty colours.

Q. 2. Give a brief description of the first meeting between the young lawyer and Bill. [HSLC 2016, 2019]

Ans: The young lawyer met Bill at the station. He was about forty, red faced, cheerful, and of friendly manner. It seemed at the first sight that he liked people. The lawyer came to him and said that he wanted to meet a man named Oliver Lutkins. Bill replied that he had seen Oliver Lutkins about an hour ago. He added that he was a hard fellow to catch. The lawyer told Bill that he wanted to catch the afternoon train to the city. Bill then told him that he had a hack which he wanted to bring so as to track down Oliver Lutkins.

The hack was brought and the fare was fixed at two dollars per hour. In the mean time Bill was able to win confidence of the lawyer as a really helpful person. Bill also said something about Oliver Lutkins manner. The lawyer told Bill that he wanted Lutkins to serve a summon on him. Then they started their ride in search of Lutkins.

Q. 3. What did Bill tell the young lawyer about Oliver Lutkins before they started to find him out?

Ans: When the young lawyer told Bill that he wanted to find out a man named Oliver Lutkins, Bill pretended to know him. He said that he had seen Lutkins in that place about an hour ago. He went on telling that Lutkins was a hard fellow to catch-always up to something or the other.

Bill added that Lutkins might be busy to start up a poker game in the back of Fritz’s shop. Bill then learnt that the lawyer would have to catch the afternoon train to the city. So he proposed to bring and realy brought his hack so as to go round the town searching Lutkins. Then Bill said that Lutkins never paid a sent to anybody. He claimed that he still owed him fifty cents on a paker game. Bill added that Lutkins was not really bad.

But it was hard to make him part with his money. Then bill proposed to go to Fritz’s where he would ask for Litkins but he told the lawyer to keep his face hidden behind him. He wanted to give Lutkins a little surprise. Then they started to Fritz’s shop.

Q. 4. Give a description of the journey made by Bill and the young lawyer from the Fritz’s to Gray’s barbar shop. Or, Describe Bill and the lawyer’s search for Oliver Lutkins till it was lunch time.

Ans: As decided mutually Bill drove his hack to the Fritz’s shop on the way he was heard telling about Lutkins talent for dishonesty. On reaching Fritz’s Bill asked if Fritz had seen Oliver Lutkins that day. Fritz noticed the young lawyer hiding behind Bill and hesitated a bit. Then he replied that Oliver was there about on hour ago. He added that he might have gone to Gustaff’s barber shop to get a shave. From the Bill drove to Gustaff’s barber shop. There Bill asked the shopkeeper and the two customers as well if they had seen Lutkins.

The shopkeeper told Bill to collect that thirty five dollars from Lutkins that he owed him. One of the customers said that he had seen Lutkins walking down the Main street. Bill then told the lawyer that since Lutkins had exhausted his credit at Gustaff’s he might have gone to Gray’s barber shop for ashave. At Gray’s they missed Lutkins by only five minutes. So they decided to persue him.

The lawyer so much enjoyed the simplicity of Bill and his neighbours that he would not bother much whether Lutkins was found or not. By then it was time for lunch. They decided to take their lunch at wade’s Hill where they would bat and enjoy the natural beauty of the place.


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