Class 10 English Chapter 4 Poem The Tale Of Custard the Dragon Question Answer

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Question and Answers(As given in the text)

Thinking about the Poem:

Q.1. Who are the characters in this poem?


The following are the characters in this poem:

(i) Belinda – mistress of the house (a small girl)

(ii) Ink- a little black kitten (Pet)

(iii) Blink – a grey mouse (Pet)

(iv) Mustard – a yellow dog (Pet)

(v) Custard – a dragon (Pet)

(vi) Pirate – a dacoit. (an intruder)

Q.2. Why did Custard cry for a nice safe cage? Why is the dragon called a ‘cowardly dragon’? [HSLC-2015]

Ans: Custard, the dragon was thought to be a useless creature till he proved his bravery killing the pirate. Seeking safety from the other pets like Mustard, he cried for a nice cage. The dragon was called coward because he never behaved like a brute as dragons generally behave.

Additional Questions & Answers

A. Multiple Choice Questions [MCQ] and answers:

Q. 1. What happened to the pirate?

(a) He got hurt by dragon

(b) He got a new ship

(c) He got hurt by a lion

(d) He was killed by the dragon.

Ans: (d)

Q. 2. Who faced the pirate bravely?

(a) Blink

(b) Custard

(c) Ink

(d) Mustard

Ans: (b)

Q. 3. What was the name of Belinda’s little black kitten?

(a) Blink

(b) Custard

(c) Ink

(d) Mustard

Ans: (c)

Q. 4. Who was Blink?

(a) Belinda’s little grey kitten.

(b) Belinda’s little grey mouse.

(c) Belinda’s little grey dog.

(d) Belinda’s little grey dragon.

Ans: (b)

Q. 5. The color of the mouse was –

(a) Yellow

(b) Grey

(c) Red

(d) White

Ans: (b)

Q. 6. Belinda also had yellow colored –

(a) Wagon

(b) Cat

(c) Dragon

(d) Dog

Ans: (d)

Q. 7.______was named as mustard.

(a) Dog

(b) Dragon

(c) Kitten

(d) Mouse

Ans: (a)

Q. 8. The dragon’s feet was like –

(a) Knife

(b) Sword

(c) Fireplace

(d) Chimney

Ans: (a)

Q. 9. The pirate had a wooden

(a) Leg

(b) Teeth

(c) Hand

(d) Pistol

Ans: (a)

Q. 10. The color of the wagon was –

(a) Red

(b) White

(c) Yellow

(d) Black

Ans: (a)

B. Rhyming words :

house-mouse [HSLC ’16],

ink- blink,

rage-cage [HSLC ’16]

age-cage [MQ],

right-bright [HSLC ’17]

wagon-dragon [HSLC 2020]

Sound-around [HSLC.’17]

C. Very short and short type Questions and Answers:

Q.1. Where did Belinda live? [HSLC. 2022]

Ans: Belinda lived in a little white house.

Q.2. Who were the pets of Belinda.

Ans: A kitten, a mouse, a little dog, and a dragon were pets of Belinda.

Q.3. What were the name of Belinda’s pets?

Ans: Belinda’s pets were named as under : The kitten was named Ink; the mouse was named Blink, the dog was named Mustard and the dragon was named Custard.

Q.4. How was the dragon to look at? (or) How was the Custard dragon’s appearance?

Ans. The Custard dragon was a strange creature. It had big sharp teeth. There was a spike on its head and scales an its body. It’s mouth was like a fireplace and its nose resembled a chimney. There were daggers on its toes.

Q.5. How brave was Belinda?

Ans: Belinda was as brave as a barrel full of bears.

Q.6. How brave was Mustard?

Ans: Mustard was as brave as a tiger in rage.

Q.7. What did the custard cry for?

Ans: Custard cried for a nice safe cage.

Q.8. Why did Mustard growl?

Ans: Mustard growled after he heard a sound.

Q.9. How was the pirate?

Ans: The pirate climbed the window at Belinda’s house. He was holding pistols in each of his hands. He was also holding a small sharp sword between his teeth. His beard was black and one of his legs was wood.

Q.10. What arms did the pirate bear?

Ans: The pirate was holding a pistol in each of his hands and a small sharp sword between his teeth.

Q.11. How did Belinda and her pets behave when they saw the pirate climbing on the window? [HSLC 2019]

Ans: Seeing the pirate on the window, Belinda paled and cried for help. Mustard, the dog fled with a terrified yelp. Ink jumped down to the bottom of the house and Blink the mouse took shelter in a mouse hole. Only Custard the dragon faced the pirate.

Q.12. How did Custard the Dragon save Belinda from the pirate? [HSLC 2020]

Ans: Custard the Dragon fought against and killed the pirate who attacked Belinda’s house. Thus he saved Belinda and her pets.

Q.13. How did Custard dragon atack the pirate? [HSLC ’22]

Ans: The Custard dragon snorted like an engine and jumped to attack the pirate. He clashed his tail like iron chains in a prison cell. There was a clattering sound and thus he jumped on the pirate like a robin praying on a worm.

Q.14: What did the pirate do when he was attacked by Belinda’s dragon?

Ans: Having been attacked by Belinda’s dragon the pirate gaped at it. He drank some wine from the bottle in his pocket. He fired two bullets, but they did not hit. But the dragon ate him totally.

Q.15. What happened to the pirate?

Ans: Custard dragon killed and ate up every part of the pirate.

Q.16. How was Custard dragon received after he had killed the pirate? [HSLC.’18]

Ans: After killing the pirate Custard dragon was given a warm reception. Belinda embraced him, Mustard liked him and Ink and Blink moved circling round him.

Q.17. What did Mustard, Ink and Blink say to Custard dragon after he had killed the pirate? What was Clustar’s reply?

Ans: Mustard said that he had been twice as brave only if he were not confused. Ink and Blink said they had been thrice as brave as they thought: Clustard dragon in reply said that he agreed with them. He acknowledged that everybody was braver than he.

Q.18. Describe the fight between Custard dragon and the pirate. [HSLC 2019]

Ans: Custard the dragon snorted like an engine and clashed his nose making the clattering sound of iron chains in a prison cell. Then he jumped on the pirate as a robin preys on a worm. The pirate fired two bullets. But they did not hit. He drank some wine from a bottle in his pocket. The custard dragon ate the pirate every bit.

Q.19. Who is Percival? Who named him so?

Ans: Custard, the dragon of Belinda was called Percival. Ink, the kitten, Blink, the mouse and Mustard, the dog all pets. of Belinda called Custard Percival.


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