Class 10 Computer Science Chapter 2 Part-II: List, Table and Images

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1. By default, the unordered lists items are marked with______.

Ans: Bullet

2._______attribute of list lets you reverse the order of the item list.


3. A list inside another list is called as a_______List.

Ans: Nested

4. A collection of related elements is called as_______.

Ans: List

5._________property of table defines the space between the content of the table and the border.


6.The <img>tag is an__________tag, that means it has no closing tag.

Ans: empty

7.__________is an attribute of the <img> tag which specifies the location or URL of the image to be displayed.

Ans: SRC

8._______attribute is used to give border to an image.



1. Which tag is used for List items?
(a) <OL> (c) <UL>
(b) <LI> (d) <DL>
Ans. (b) <LI>
2. Which element contains definition?
(a) <DL> (c) <DT>
(b) <DD> (d) <UL>

Ans: (b) <DD>
3. Which of the following can’t be the value of list-style-type?
(a) Square (b) Circle
(c) Ellipse (d) Disc

Ans: (c) Ellipse
4. Which attribute is only used with <ol>?
(a) Value (b) type
(c) compact (d) start

Ans: (d) start

5.With the help of which tag, is a row defined in HTML?
(a) <row> (c) <row-table>
(b) <tr> (d) <tablerow>

Ans: (b) <tr>

6. By using which of the following options, the border of table can be collapsed

(a) border-collapse: collapse (c) border: collapse

(b) table-border: collapse (d) table-border-collapse: collap

Ans: (a) border-collapse: collapse

7. Web browsers display images in the following format

(a) XBM (c) JPEG

(b) GIF (d) All of these

Ans: (d) All of these

8. The correct HTML code for inserting an image is-

(a) <img href=”image.gif”> (c) <img src=”image.gif”>

(b) <img> image.gif</gif> (d) <image src = “image.gif”>

Ans: (c) <img src=”image.gif”>

9. src attribute used with <img> tag stands for
(a) screen (c) screen resolution count
(b) source (d) structure

Ans: (b) source

10. alt attribute allows:
(a) addition of an alternate hyperlink (b) addition of a border to image

(c)use of an alternative image in place of the specified image (d)addition of alternative text about an image

Ans: (d) addition of alternative text about an image


(a) Ruchika was making an ordered list and she noticed that the items of the list by default started with numbers. She wants to use Roman numerals for numbering. How can she do this?

Ans: To use Roman numerals for numbering, Ruchika must use the following code- <OL TYPE=I>

(b) Rohan has created a table and he wants that the table border should be collapsed into a single border. Which property should he use?

Ans: To make the border to collapsed, Rohan must use the following property: border- collapse: collapse

(c) Ashmita has added few images on her web page but she wants to keep some provisions for the visually impaired people or users using text-based browsers so that they get the description for the images. Which attribute should she use to accomplish the task?

Ans: To get the description for the images, Ashmita must use the ALT attribute with the image tag. The syntax for the same is given below:
<IMG SRC= name of the image ALT = description of the image>


(a) Differentiate between the <OL> and <UL> tag.

Ans: <OL> stands for Ordered List which can be either numerical or alphabetical while <UL> stands for Unordered List which can be either disc, square or circle.

(b) pit Write the syntax for using list-style-type property.

Ans: <UL style = “List-style-type:square”>
<LI> List Item 1</LI>
<LI> List Item 2</LI>

(c) Define Padding property.

Ans: Padding property is the space between its content and its border. The syntax for padding property for all four sides of a <p> element to 20px follows:
padding: 20px

(d) What is description list? Define the different tags used to create a description

Ans: A definition list, also called a description list consists of a term followed by definition. In simple terms, this is a list of items, with a description of each it It starts and ends with <DL> and </DL> tag.
The different tags used to create a description are-

  • The <DT> tag is used in defining the terms.
  • The <DD> tag is used in describing each term.

(e) What is the use of type attribute with an unordered list?

Ans: The HTML <ul> type attribute is used to specifies what kind of bullet used mark items in the list such as Disc, Circle or Square.

(f) State the use of any two properties that you use to enhance the appearanced table.

Ans: The following properties are used to enhance the appearance of a table –

  • Border – property, which is used to specify the thickness, type and color of border.
  • Border-collapse, is used to apply separate or single border for each cell.

(g) How are images added in an HTML document?

Ans: The images on a web page can be inserted using <IMG> tag, which is an emp tag. The most widely used image formats supported by HTML are GIF, JPE and PNG.

The syntax to insert an image on the web page is- <IMG SRC=”image file name”>


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